Velkominn – Welcome !

Hugarró is about nature-based tourism and well-being.   We firmly believe that preserving nature to support human wellness is a sustainable business model.

As such we are committed to driving holistic sustainability. We aspire to maintain a healthy and productive planet for posterity. Our goals are to conserve biodiversity and improve the lives of people. We strive to excel in the highest sustainable standards via the tried and tested 4C framework: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce (4Cs).

4C principles
Our goal is to establish and operate several hotels in Iceland that support our goals and carry out our mission.   

Our first project will be developed at the end of Hvalfjörður, the “whale fjord”, at under 1 hour driving from Reykjavik.   At this stunningly beautiful location of  we plan to build a 4-star 32-room hotel and a hot springs facility and 35 free standing cabins.  A unique feature of these cabins will be not only that they are round but can turn.  The property size is 12.1 hectares and has high geothermal water potential. 

The Municipality of Hvalfjarðarsveit has agreed to change the master zoning plan changed to accommodate our plans. Obviously, taking into account all the legal and environmental standards applicable in Iceland.  The consulting company EFLA was contracted to develop the new masterplan and the required local zoning plan for our project.

Should you have any questions or want to give feedback, please use our contact form

Kærar þakkir!   – Thank you

Hiking around Hugarro

The valley of Botnsdalur is blessed with an extraordinary amount of trees, certainly for Icelandic standards. Most of it is native birch forest but there are also non-native species.

In the fall, the variety of colors in Botnsdalur is a feast for the eyes.

Below you find a collection pictures.

Needless to say, this area is great for hiking. Not just to the Glymur waterfall but also the more flat areas before it and the many smaller waterfalls in the Hvalskarðsá river.